Mr. Robert Chiu's interview at the Success Bridge TV Program:
 is a leading brand of kitchen appliance in the Pacific Rim for over forty years.  is recognized for superior quality, innovative technology, and excellence in customer support.   has become a name that consumers can trust with confidence.  In 1986, Mr. Robert Chiu, the CEO of began to expand into the U.S. market with the same philosophy.   quickly gained the attention of the US consumer with a series of new range hood with features that eliminated grease without filters, high speed, very quiet fans, and designs that enable rapid and easy cleaning.  

News Released

In 1996 ,  has introduced its millstone design - the " SLANTED " venting system.  This amazing development has re-written the range hood history.  Realizing the bigger U.S. stoves featuring four or more burners require a better design to cover the entire cook top surface.  After careful calculation and research, an 84-degree upward slanting range hood was found to be the solution.  The upward slanting design, not only able to enlarges the coverage angle so that both the two rear burners and the two front burners were covered. The innovative slanted design also allows for faster airflow providing more power and ultra quiet.  No wonder that the first thing that most consumers wanted from their range hood today is “SLANTED”.

 has now becomes one of the fastest growing companies with a nationwide distributorship.  In 2003, the  Plaza was established to better serve our customers.   

" Perfection in design,
  Achieving the best in customer service,
  Confident with our product quality,
  Aiming to be the industry leader,
  Innovative in technology,
  Reach the goal of complete customer satisfaction."

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