Must read before you order the range hood:
Q: What is my range hood size?
A: If you have cabinets on both sides where the range hood will fit in between, then it is the width across from left to right side cabinet. Or when there are no side cabinets, you’ll want to measure the width of your cook stove, or the width of your existing range hood. All sizes are compatible to the U.S. code. Sizes available in 24",30”,36”,42”, and 48”.
Q: Do you have a vent duct?
A: All range hoods requires venting to the outside either through the top or the rear. Rear venting is available in the “SP” stainless steel series. The large 6” or 7” pipe on the top of your existing hood is the top duct or the rectangular 3-1/4” X 10” opening on the rear below the top cabinet is the rear opening.
Q: If I have a microwave range hood, can I replace it with ?
A: Yes. You would need to remove the microwave range hood and mount the range hood underneath the top cabinet.
Q: If I have no cabinet, can I still install the range hood?
A: Yes. PACAIR range hood can be mounted either underneath a top cabinet or on the wall. Please follow the wall mount instruction on the installation user manual.
Basic Trouble-shooting:
Q: What if my range hood will not turn on?

Check your powers to make sure that wire are tightly fastened, cord is plugged it, and there is power to the outlet.
EL Series: due to its safety feature, power will comes on only when the bottom board is tightly closed.

Q: How far does the hood have to be above the cooking surface?
A: The recommended distance from the bottom of the range hood to the cooking surface is 28"~32".
Q: How can I order parts?
A: Please call toll free at 1-800-635-7888 for ordering parts and technical support.
Q: How do I clean the surface of my range hood?
A: Apply any non abrasive cleaner with a slightly damp sponge and rub gently till clean.
Q: What if the range hood appears to be venting poorly?

1. Check that the vent duct at the end isn't obstructed and that the end cap isn't too close to the end of the discharge pipe.  
2. Check that the damper was installed correctly and the flaps operate without obstructions from pipe adapters or other objects.

Q: When both the motors are working, but the light is not:
A: Check light bulbs and the light switch.
Q: When the range hood makes a loud unusual noise when operates:
A: Check the fan blades to make sure it is screw on tightly or try adjusting it lower or try raising it up.
Q: When the motor is moving very slowly when it is first turned on.
A: Check condenser.
Q: range hood is certified?
A: range hoods is both UL (United States) and CSA(Canada) approved.
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