About Us

For more than forty years, PACAIR/The Happy Mother has been the leader of kitchen appliance in Pacific Rim. It is recognized for its superior quality, innovative in technology, and excellence in customer service. PACAIR has become the brand name that consumers can trust and love. In 1985, PACAIR’s CEO -Mr. Robert Chiu began to expand the company’s territory into the United States and the Canada. It was not without hard work and determinations before the PACAIR/The Happy Mother become the number one brand in North America.

Looking Back on the Challenges of just being another new comer in a highly competitive business environment:

“You are as handsome on TV as the Robert in person,” Mr. Chiu remembering the most common expression that customer said to him. On screen, he demonstrates the image of professional authority, of stage Robert is humorous, easy going, and willing to share his experience with any young entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start their own business. He hopes to encourage entrepreneurs who have plans for the future to be motivated to continue their efforts toward the goal.

Robert recalls that in 1985, the PACAIR brand range hoods were created in North America, including the United States and Canada, and they set up a large-scale shipping warehouse in Seattle, which specializes in the American market. At that time, they were very enthusiastic on the market. After in-depth market research; in 1996, he decided to focus on the Asian market niche due to their heavier cooking habit. The same year, Mr. Chiu has relocated his headquarter to Los Angeles. At that time, the range hood market in this city was violent! With so many different brands that was cut-throat competing against each other, Robert felt that the only way he could gain brand awareness within a short period of time is to spend a lot of money on advertising and to come up with a unique product that is designed for the larger US cook stove. With months of study and development, Mr. Chiu’s Taiwan factory has finally come up with the “5th Generation” range hood. It has more than 20 product patents and US$800,000 was spent in R&D funds. The PACAIR/Happy Mother was formally entered the Asian market in North America.

At first, no media company were optimistic:

Mr. Robert Chiu smiled bitterly with emotion said that no one has never before heard of the brand name PACAIR/Happy Mother, so most media like TV station, radio, and newspaper didn’t think that Robert was going to make it in this dog-eat-dog industry. Mr. Chiu did not loss his confidence, he make the initial call to all the local TV station, radio, and newspaper and started putting his commercial everywhere. The PACAIR/Happy Mother received immediate attention from consumer due to Mr. Chiu’s informative and educational types of commercial (instead of the hot sales like every body else) and the special “Happy Mother” jingle that every little kid in Los Angels started singing when the commercial comes on. Most importantly, the special new “5th Generation” slanted angel designed for the US larger cook stove and easy to take apart cleaning feature gained its popularity within a short period of time. Now, Mr. Chiu’s PACAIR/Happy Mother is the number one best selling brand in the Northern America!

At present, the PACAIR Company has distributors in almost every States and in Canada, Mr. Robert Chiu expressed that each of his dealer has became good friends with him for over ten years. The key to his good relationship with his dealer is high quality product, best customer support, and best selling merchandise. Mr. Chiu continued that reliable product can reduce the chance of product failure and the need for after-sales service (the PACAIR warranty carry a lifetime warranty for motors and a 10-year for parts). With dealers everywhere in the US and Canada, PACAIR is readily available for customers to purchase. Mr. Chiu’s philosophy for his distributorship is to create a win-win situation for every one!

The idea of the “Fuji” wok was created over a good dinner with friends:

The Fuji Company’s research and development team has invented an alloy composite material that is lightweight; uniformly transfer of heat, and very stick resistant. But they didn’t quite know what to do with this new material, Mr. Robert Chiu suddenly came up with “how about a cooking wok”? The result is as expected; the number one hit in the first-class cooking wok!

A golf enthusiastic, and offer the highest “Hole-In-One” prize for his PACAIR golf tournament:

When Robert is not working in his office, one will see him at the golf course. He expressed that golf in Asia is considered to be a noble sport and only the rich can afford. But in the United States, it is affordable and can be enjoy by all level. On March 27th, 2005, Mr. Chiu got his first “Hole-In-One” shot at the Sierra La Verne Country Club. He happily said that it was more a lucky shot than skill. The PACAIR/Happy Mother golf tournament was held at the same private golf club for year 2000 till 2002. This golf event was so popular that over 170 golfers sign up for a 144 shot-gun tournament. It could be due the attractiveness of the two Hole-In-One prizes included a brand new Mercedes Benz car, and a cash prize of $50,000!

Believe in charity! :

Mr. Robert Chiu truly believes in giving back to the community. From time to time close to the holidays, Robert will bring his employees to the elderly center to serve the senior folks luncheon donated by him. Spreading the festive joy and care for the people at the center. Mr. Chiu served as the President of San Marino Lion’s Club in 2001~2002, and become the 4L2 Lion’s Club District President during 2003 to 2004.

Venture out into the financial institution and Real Estate Investment:

Mr. Robert Chiu has diversified his company into banking and into real estate investment. His community bank headquarter in the city of Arcadia now has branches opened in Rowland Heights and Pasadena. Mr. Chiu considers community bank is another way to service and giving back to the people.

The first Happy Mother shopping Plaza was opened in 2013. Mr. Chiu expressed that his future plan is to have one Happy Mother Shopping Plaza in every nearby city.