A range hood is a standard part of most kitchens, but what does it do? Why is it important to have? The range hood actually fills several roles in your kitchen, whether you know it or not. Therefore, it's important to be well-educated about what it does and where to get a good one.

Keeping the exterior of the range hood clean is good but cleaning the inside is more essential.  Not only to get rid of the bad old greasy smell, it is what’s the most important to ensure that the range hood function properly.  Easy to take apart and clean should be one feature to keep in mind when making your range hood selection.

You try to keep your home germs free by wiping the kitchen counters and washing the dishes so your kitchen looking spick and span, but there may be harmful pollutants hidden in the air that you're unaware of. Exposure to cooking fumes could cause irritation on the airway mucosa causing many respiratory diseases. However, most people don't realize that an efficient powerful range hood may in fact eliminate most of the toxic compounds. Keeping you and your family from potential cooking related respiratory sickness! However, not every ventilation fan is capable of doing the job correctly.

Most of the time we rarely think about the job of each and every appliance in our kitchen. The refrigerator keeps things cold, the oven warms them up, but what about that big thing above it? Here are three benefits to having a functional range hood.

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