Q:  How to select the right measurement for your range hood?

A:  Measure the space between the left and the right cabinets.  If there are no side cabinets, measure the size of the stove (from left to right).   Available in all sizes:  24”,30”,36”,42” and 48”.  All measurements are in inches. 

Q:  Do you have ducting / venting pipe for your new range hood?

A:   All PacAir range hoods have to be vented outside.   It can be either vented out from the top; if you already have a venting pipe (6” or 7” round) inside the top cabinet; OR it can be vented from the rear if you have a rectangular opening (3¼” x 10”) on the wall located below the top cabinet.

Q:  I currently have a microwave attached range hood, can I replace it with a PacAir range


A:  Yes, you will need to remove the microwave and replace it with the PacAir range hood.  

   (please refer to the ducting requirement on the above Q & A)


Q:  Can PacAir range hoods be installed without a cabinet?

A:  Yes, PacAir range hood can be mounted on the wall.  (Please refer to

   installation manual on wall mount). 




Q:  When the range hood is not turning on?

A:  First make sure the power outlet has power. Second, check the electric power cord

   connection is secured and firmly plug into the power outlet.  


Q:  Motors are working but the lights are not?  

A:  Check light bulb and light switch.   For LED light, check transformer. 


Q:  What should be the clearance / height from the stove top to the bottom of the top cabinet?

A:  The recommended height is 34”.


Q:  How to clean your range hood? 

A:  All the PacAir Fifth Generation range hoods are easy to take apart and clean all inside parts

   with the degrease type of detergent.


Q:  If the airflow is not smooth or reversed (when only one side of the fan is turn on, but air 

   Is blowing down from the other side of the fan)? 

A:   First be sure that your vent duct is at least 6” round (can’t be smaller than 6”) ,and there’s 

    no leaks or folds on the pipe causing blockage and restricted air flow.

    Second, check the vent opening on the outside that is not clogged and it’s fully open. 


Q:  There is unusual noise when fans are on?

A:  Check to see if there is anything dropped inside the fan’s housing during installation, and the 

   debris is hitting against the fan when they are on. 


Q:  What if the motor is spinning very slow when first turned on, then back to normal speed after

   a while?

A:  Check the condenser.


Q:  How to order part(s)?

A:  Please call toll free 1-800-635-7888 for part(s) and tech support. Or email to